Five Things to do in October

Read: The Girl on the Train
Unless you’re the type that prefers to see the movie first, you officially have 7 days to read the book ahead of time. Hop to it!

Learn: Basic Life Support
Do you know how deep CPR compressions should be? Do you know how to use an AED? Do you even know what it is? By knowing proper CPR, you can give someone whose gone into cardiac arrest their best chance for survival. You can learn basic life support in one afternoon—you won’t regret the time spent.

Watch: The Imitation Game
An inspiring (if not totally accurate) film that demands reflection on the way we treat those who differ from “the norm.” You might be disappointed if you google the way the Nazi code was actually broken, but hey, you have to dramatize things for the screen. (Bonus for fans of A Beautiful Mind: what’s the deal with intellectual epiphanies involving women in bars?)

Try: The Bullet journal
Designed by Ryder Carroll, a digital product designer, the bullet journal has been around for several years. There’s already a pretty huge online community dedicated to the “bujo,” but recently, it’s been making mainstream news. The Wall Street Journal just featured an article on the bullet journal, and I’ve found evidence of its arrival and adoption in France.

Make: A Succulent garden
You can never go wrong by adding plants to your living space. What I love about this idea for a succulent garden is that you can also use it as a creative and clutter-free way to display a collection of shells or tiny trinkets. Yas!