Five Things to do in October

Read: The Girl on the Train Unless you’re the type that prefers to see the movie first, you officially have 7 days to read the book ahead of time. Hop to it! Learn: Basic Life Support Do you know how deep CPR compressions should be? Do you know how to use an AED? Do you […]

The Renaissance Series: How focus can lead to variety

The Renaissance Series features stories and advice on how to lead a productive and organized life when all you want to do is everything. Focus is the enemy. Or, at least, that’s what it seems like when you feel compelled to pursue every new interest and idea that pops into your head. But experience and […]

When it’s Summer and you Feel Like Meh

Common opinion would have us believe that if there’s ever a time for happiness, it’s during the summer. Sun all day, beaches, cocktails on the patio….How can it all fail to bring a smile to your face? While we accept the winter blues, if it’s summer and you feel kind of like s***, it’s hard […]

Dealing with Domestic Disasters: Six Items to Have on Hand

A few weeks ago, I had what you might call a plumbing disaster. I’ll spare you the details, but it involved a toilet and a LOT of water. While the experience was anything but fun, it reminded me of the importance of having a few items on hand for when domestic disasters strike. Perhaps my […]

How to Read Like a Graduate Student

The vast majority of PhD students in the humanities experience a (rather horrible) process known as comprehensive exams. This often involves the creation of several lists of fifty to one hundred books centered around a given topic, which the student must then proceed to “read” (however you choose to interpret that), and then be tested […]

What Are Your Financial Priorities?

In a couple of months, I’m moving out of my studio apartment and into a two-bedroom with a roommate. I’d always sworn the next “roommate” I had would be my spouse. But no, I’m definitely not marrying this person! Sometimes what we think are our biggest financial priorities turn out not to be such. For […]

On Short-Term Experimentation

A few months ago, I thought I wanted a cat. I’d been thinking about it for almost a year; I’d done all the research on training and breeds… When my adoption application went through and I did my shopping at PetSmart, I started to have a bad feeling. When I took my new cat home, […]