Three Things to Watch on Netflix

The Documentary: SOMM: Into the Bottle
If you’ve been feeling like you’re stuck in a wine rut, just buying the same bottles over and over again, I challenge you to watch SOMM: Into the Bottle and not be inspired to go out and get your grape juice on. This lovely documentary streaming on Netflix invites us into the winemaking process. We hear from sommeliers and winemakers from California, to Italy and Australia about making, marketing and drinking wine. SOMM is informative and actually pretty funny (see: the section on cellar mold), and low on pretension. Get your corkscrews to the ready…

The TV Series: Once Upon a Time
Imagine what would happen if all of our beloved fairytale characters somehow ended up in a small town in Maine without any idea of who they were…. That’s the premise of Once Upon a Time, the ABC series soon heading into its sixth season. In OUAT, fairytale characters are victim to a dark curse which wrenches them from their world and transports them into ours. There’s only one person capable of breaking the curse. The only problem? She doesn’t believe it exists. OUAT puts the bizarre and magical within the backdrop of small-town life, resulting in a delightfully quirky television experience. And you’ll totally want to redesign your apartment to look like Mary Margaret’s sweet loft. Seasons one through four are available on Netflix, with season five arriving this August.

The Film: Begin Again
Begin Again is a “musical movie” from the director who also brought us the lovely film Once. Begin Again features a singer-songwriter-Kiera-Knightley who by chance meets a music-exec-Mark-Ruffalo. They’re both dealing with some deep s*** (booze, breakups, etc., etc.), and a musical collaboration leads to, potentially, a new start for the both of them. The movie of course has a great soundtrack, and just like SOMM will want to make you drink wine and OUAT will make you want to redecorate your apartment, Begin Again just might make you head to the nearest keyboard and start writing songs. Also, somebody gets slapped in this film and it’s brilliant.