When it’s Summer and you Feel Like Meh

Common opinion would have us believe that if there’s ever a time for happiness, it’s during the summer. Sun all day, beaches, cocktails on the patio….How can it all fail to bring a smile to your face? While we accept the winter blues, if it’s summer and you feel kind of like s***, it’s hard not to feel, well, sort of guilty. Like you aren’t making the most of the blue skies and sunshine the world has to offer. If the summer heat is getting you down, here are a few ideas to feel a little less crappy.

First of all, don’t feel guilty about it. If you obsess about needing to feel brilliantly happy just because it’s warm outside, you’re going to make yourself feel worse. Accept it for what it is.

Seek out cool. Turn up your AC. If your window units are leaving something to be desired, hole up in a smaller space and pull the shades to create a little cool air cocoon.

Queue up some jazz. Or whatever floats your musical boat. I don’t know what it is about jazz and lounge music, but it always seems to diffuse an air of cool and calm. Don’t underestimate the power of the right song!